Power Platform Creator kit – KeyboardShortcuts - #ARCHIVED#

This content has been archived. It may no longer be relevant.  

Today, I woke up early and decided to (finally) install the Power Platform Creator kit and play a bit with it. I think I have never created a blog post and video that fast after doing some experimenting but I just did not want to wait sharing my findings with you.

When scrolling through the list of Creator kit components, there was one that struck my eye immediately: KeyboardShortcuts

What? Wait? Not one of those fancy and good looking components?

Sure, they are really nice too, but with this one I immediately wanted to try something out. Something I wanted to have in the past when creating canvas apps.

Picture this, you want to create 1 canvas app containing also some functionality for admins. Sure, you can add a control which is only visible for admins with which you can open (property OnSelect) an admin panel. But as an admin, that control would always be “in your face”. I really much more like a keyboard shortcut to open the admin panel. Only if you are an admin of course 🙂

And this scenario is now possible with the KeyboardShortcuts component from the Power Platform Creator kit. Thank you Power CAT team! You rock.

An example canvas app has been created (export) in support of this blog post and is downloadable from my GitHub repository here. Do not forget to add the Creator kit to your environment before you import the app.

A video in support of this blog post can be viewed on my YouTube channel here. It will also show the characters which can and cannot be used and something extra.

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