AMFTF: Seeking performance optimization options - #ARCHIVED#

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This blog post is part of a series called AMFTF (a message from the field) containing short blog posts about a best practice, a functionality, a how-to and/or something just worth writing a blog post about. Todays topic is about investigating if changing the setting “Data row limit for non-delegable queries” can improve performance for delegable queries.

Being interested if changing the setting “Data row limit for non-delegable queries” could improve performance for delegable queries on a SharePoint list, I decided to create an app for this similar to one I create for this blog post.

I used a list with 50.000 items. It contained an (indexed) column with only 3 items containing a specific value. I filtered on that value using ‘=’. The results were put in a collection. The query was ran 20 times with an interval of 60 seconds.

I ran the app three times, everytime with a different value for the setting ‘Data row limit for non-delegable queries’.

  1. Value: 5
  2. Value: 100
  3. Value: 2000

I noticed no significant differences meaning imo this setting has no performance impact on delegable queries. O well, it was worth investigating 🙂

Below are screenshots of a chart (see mentioned blog post) containing the query times for the three different values.

Value: 5
Value: 100
Value: 2000