Below, please find the details of the online, hands-on, live, interactive and free of charge Microsoft Power Apps (canvas apps) and Microsoft Power Automate (cloud flows) foundation training course, which will be provided by me, to support Ukrainian people in this time of need.

The goal of the training course (class) is to provide the students with a profound Power Apps and Power Automate foundation, in order for them to gain specific knowledge and confidence, in the hope that in due time they can and will improve their working situation.

/* Online */ Microsoft Teams is used for communication (Sessions and questions).

Other cloud tools, such as Power Apps, Power Automate and SharePoint Online, will also be used during the training course.

/* Hands-on */ During the sessions, I will build and explain several canvas apps and cloud flows. You will build these apps and flows yourself as well as part of the homework.

/* Live */ The training course (the class) consists of 8 evening sessions of approximately 2 hours per session, during a 4 week period.

/* Interactive */ What makes this training course unique, is that during these 4 weeks I will be there to assist by answering your questions regarding the training course.

The reason I also refer to this training course as a ‘class’, is because there will be homework and because I would like to get the students to interact with each other, and discuss all aspects of this training. Doing the homework assignments and interacting with your fellow – Power Apps and Power Automate minded – students, will improve your knowledge and skills. Key, indispensable aspects for improving your working situation, and at the same time hopefully inspiring others in doing so.

The training will start with the introduction (in Ukrainian) of each student. Using your webcam is a plus but not a requirement.

The homework will be the following:

> Building Canvas apps / Cloud flows which I build during the sessions;

> Reading Microsoft Learn modules / blog posts and watching several videos.

Session details

The following page contains the sessions details: Session details

The first session will take place on Monday the 22nd of August (Start at 19:00 EEST) and the last one on Thursday the 15th of September (Start at 19:00 EEST).

The building activities during the sessions will be recorded. With the recordings, students can rewatch how the apps / flows / business solutions are built as useful input for their homework.

What do I expect from the students?

> You must be able to understand / read / write the English language. Being able to speak English is a plus but it is not a requirement.

> You should not be intimidated by Microsoft Excel functions (Overview of Power Apps functions:  No worries, I will explain the functions which will be used during the training course. Having an IT background is also a plus but not a requirement.

Besides these practical aspects, you:

✓ are a citizen of Ukraine; Your current situation can be in another country though;

✓ have an intrinsic drive to improve quality, automate activities and help others;

✓ are interested in learning Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Power Automate;

✓ are able to participate in all 8 sessions;

✓ are motivated to interact during the training course, by asking me your course related questions. This is what makes this training  unique. During the training course I am there to assist and support.

Last but not least;

Whether or not you share your contact details with your fellow students, that’s for you to decide. I do think that interaction with your fellow students, during the course but also during homework, will improve your knowledge as well as your fellow students knowledge.

The training environment

Each student will get their own online training account. You will need a computer with a stable internet connection and a supported web browser. ( Before the first session starts, we will conduct a connectivity test to make sure you can enter the training environment..

How to apply

The maximum class size is 10 students. Given the specific student requirements and ditto expectations, the 10 most promising applicants will be permitted to enroll in the online training course.

If you are interested in applying for this training course, please fill out this form in English:

Your motivation will decide if you are selected so please be as descriptive about your situation, interest in this training and goals as you can / want to be!

I will send you an email after you have submitted the form to confirm your submission. Because an answer can only contain 4000 characters (Microsoft Forms limitation), you may reply to this email with a larger motivation in case you want to do this.

Registration closes on Wednesday the 10th of August 2022.