A paid support time slot lasts a maximum of 20 minutes and the costs are 32 euro per time slot. The costs must be paid in advance. If needed, you can request multiple time slots.

I am using the Stripe (https://stripe.com) with WPForms Lite for payments: https://wpforms.com/docs/using-stripe-with-wpforms-lite

I never get access to your payment information!

The process below describes how to request paid support.

  1. Submit the form below.
  2. You will receive an email with several possible time slots. The subject of the email contains an unique ID for the request.
  3. You return the email with the requested time slot(s).
  4. After a final approval, you receive an email with a link to a page where you can make the payment.
  5. Once payment has be fulfilled, a final email is sent with a link to a Microsoft Team meeting for the requested time slot(s).

Paid support in the evening has an increment of 50%, in the weekend an increment of 100% and at night an increment of 200%.

Time is based on the time zone in the Netherlands (CET / CEST).


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