Lookup column

A property (column) can be one of several types. One of them is the type: Lookup

This property type allows a record/file to be related to another record/file. A parent/child relation can be created this way. One parent can have multiple children.

The property type “Lookup” has two major disadvantages:

  1. You cannot disable records in the parent list/document library so they are not shown in the property (column) of type “Lookup” in child lists/document libraries.
  2. When a record/file in the parent list/document library is deleted, all related records in child lists/document libraries are affected resulting in the loss of data.

That’s why I strongly recommend not using properties (columns) of type “Lookup”.

If I want to create a parent/child relationship between records/files, I make sure the parent has an unique ID and store this unique ID as a property at a child.


This video demonstrates why I strongly recommend not using a column of type “Lookup”:


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