Power Platform Booster is in public preview. Documentation will always reflect the latest version.



  • Statistics

With this list, the number of objects (environment, canvas app, cloud flow) are maintained over time. The data is collected using cloud flows.

  • Events

In this list, events are saved. The following events are in scope:

  • Canvas app deleted
  • Cloud flow deleted
  • Environment deleted
  • New canvas app
  • New cloud flow
  • New environment
  • New maker

Under review

  • Update maker info

Maker information is not updated. An extra cloud flow can be added which loops through all makers and updates their information. If the maker cannot be resolved anymore, the item is deleted.

  • Remove completed actions

Completed actions have to be deleted manually. An extra cloud flow can be added to automate this.

  • Overdue tasks in admin app

Add “Overdue tasks” as a card for canvas apps and cloud apps.

  • Extra admin app for clean-up inspection

There are criteria when a canvas app/cloud flow could perhaps be deleted. The criteria are:

  • The app is not shared and created X time ago. A mechanism has to be added that when in the process the owner submits that the canvas app/cloud flow should not be deleted, the question should only be asked again after Y time.
  • The canvas app/cloud flow has a term in its name which part of a series of specific terms (test, demo, …).
  • Extra card in admin app

Option to delete a canvas app/cloud flow when the owner cannot be resolved anymore and the canvas app/cloud flow is not shared.

  • A canvas app created with Dataverse for teams must have its own “App type”.

The “App type” of a SharePoint list form customized with Power Apps is “SharePoint”. A canvas app created with Dataverse for teams is reported with the same “App type” as a canvas app created with Power Apps Studio.