Upload a file from a canvas app (Power Apps) in a SharePoint document library using a cloud flow (Power Automate)

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In the content page Document library file versus list item attachment, I discuss the differences between a file stored in a document library versus a file stored as a list item attachment, This content page shows how to upload a file from a canvas app to a document library.

Even though my by default way to go for storing files is a document library, the control used to upload a file as a list item attachment must be used. So its a good thing that Microsoft did add that feature 🙂

Adding only files is often not enough. The files must contain metadata. This can be done too though not in the same action as uploading the file. A second action must be added for this.

Files can be uploaded in the root of a document library but also in a folder.

I have created a video which explains all the details on adding a file from a canvas app in a SharePoint library:

  • Adding the attachment control.
  • Configuring the attachment control.
  • Creating the cloud flow used to upload the file.
  • Adding a single file or adding multiple files.

When images are uploaded using this method, for example from the image gallery on a mobile device, no loss in quality will occur.

As a bonus, the cloud flow created is very generic. No hardcoded values are used. Also not for the metadata.


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