Power Library contains all kind of content useful for creating business solutions with the Microsoft Power Platform.

My goal is to support business solution makers in their journey towards becoming a pro-maker. It is not meant for people new to the Microsoft Power Platform. Microsoft Learn (https://learn.microsoft.com/training/powerplatform/) is very well suited for that.

Most organizations do not (yet) support all their employees with premium Power Platform functionalities. Business solutions therefore often have to be (partly) based on standard functionalities. That’s why – for now – the content in Power Library is mainly focused on standard Power Platform functionalities.

Content is grouped with the following topics and subtopics:

The amount of content will grow in time. Sometimes subjects are already given without linking to a content page. This way, it can already been seen which content will become available in the near future.

Content is not only created, but also maintained, meaning I keep it up-to-date. Changes to functionalities and new insights can result in the update of content pages. The updates (typos or a better wording/structure excluded) to a content page will be mentioned in a separate section on that content page called: Updates

Content pages can be accompanied by:

  • one or multiple videos. Videos have their own section on content pages called: Videos
  • one or multiple links. Links have their own section on content pages called: Links

Blog functionality is the technology used where content pages are based on. This means that the date in the content page link is the date that the content page was created and not when it was last updated!

Links to a page outside Power Library will have a blue color and the compete URL is always shown instead of a name. These links open in a new tab.

Links to other content pages in Power Library are shown in orange. These links do not open in a new tab.

Everything mentioned in Power Library is my own opinion based on research and my years of experience as a professional IT consultant.

You can use the new content form below to submit ideas for new content in Power Library related to the mentioned topics and subtopics.

If my content is useful to you, I would very much appreciate it if you bought me a coffee (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/rickbakker) 👍

And with that, I want to wish you a lot of fun creating your business solutions with the Microsoft Power Platform 👊


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