PACo Examples is a canvas app containing a screen for each canvas component or set of related canvas components. This canvas app makes it easy to experiment with the canvas components and so better understand them.

The home screen contains a button for each component screen to navigate to. Each component screen has an icon to navigate back to the home screen.

Several component screens have one or multiple buttons with the text “Load data” which contains logic (expressions) to define variables and/or collections used in custom properties of the related canvas component(s). Almost all component screens have some logic in their property OnVisible too.

Logic is also provided in App.Formulas so it is easy to change the visualization (Elevation or Line) and the theme (Default, Dark or High-contrast) of the canvas components.

You can change the logic to your liking taking into account how the custom properties of the canvas components must be used. All canvas components have their own documentation page which contains a detailed description of their custom properties. These documentation pages are located on the PACo GitHub repository:

Component screens focusing on a set of canvas components are:

  • PACo_CommandBar
  • PACo_Header
  • PACo_Tabs
  • PACo_Tiles

All other components screens are focusing on a single canvas component.

More information about canvas components in general can be found on Power Library: