PACo is offered via two Power Platform solutions:

  • A managed solution.
  • An unmanaged solution.

Both solutions can be downloaded from the PACo GitHub repository here:

The unmanaged solution is offered in case an organization wants to makes changes to the canvas components before offering them to their makers. Making changes to the canvas components is possible with the following caveat: The changes will be overwritten when another unmanaged solution is imported. The changes then have to be reapplied.

The caveat mentioned above is not a restriction of PACo but of how the Power Platform solution mechanism works. More information about this can be found here:

I recommend importing the managed solution.

How-to import a Power Platform solution is described here:

Importing a PACo solution is a very straight forward process. No connection references or environment variables must be configured.

The canvas components are all included in the component library PACo. For makers to be able to use the canvas components, the component library must be shared with them. More information about this topic can be found here:

PACo also contains two canvas apps which are valuable to makers who want to use the canvas components:

They are valuable because it allows them to experiment with the canvas components (PACo Examples) and because it provides insights in how canvas components can work together by an example implementation (PACoCo).

Makers need to be able to edit these canvas apps for them to be valuable. Because it is unlikely that the whole organization becomes co-owner of the canvas apps, the following approach is advised:

  1. Export the canvas apps individually.
  2. Place these exports on a location which is available for all (potential) makers.
  3. Make sure that:
    • makers can download but not change the exports.
    • the version of the canvas apps and the related release of PACo is provided.

As an alternative, an organization can allow makers to create their own developer environment in which they import PACo themselves.