Documentation about PACo is provided via:

  • canvas component documentation pages on the PACo GitHub repository.
  • general documentation pages on this website.
  • the included canvas apps PACoCo and PACo Examples.
  • videos.

Below, a link to all pages and videos is provided.

Canvas component documentation pages

The canvas components documentation pages are located on the PACo GitHub repository here:

General documentation pages

General documentation is always related to the latest release (Major, Regular or Hotfix).

Colors are used in the general documentation pages to highlight specific topics:

  • A control
  • A variable/collection
  • A control (custom) property
  • A feature in Microsoft tooling
  • Logic (code) in a canvas app
  • An important message


All canvas components have a related video and each video has its own page here. On such page, besides the video, it can also contain extra information and changes between the version used in the video and the current active version.

Below, links to all canvas components are given. Please view the canvas components introduction video first.