PACo is a Power Apps canvas app containing many canvas components – like a details list, a command bar, a dialog and a panel – to create functional and good-looking canvas apps. The canvas components were created with responsiveness in mind. It is a project I started to be able to do more in less time. Sharing this project is for me a way to give something back to the community who has helped me so much.

The screenshot below is made from the companion canvas app PACoCo which is created with PACo canvas components. This canvas app supports four themes: Default, Dark, High-contrast and Fluent UI.

The canvas components contain several settings – dependent on the canvas component – to adjust them to your own needs. Because it are canvas components, you can even make changes with your existing Power Apps knowledge.

The releases and all documentation except for the backlogs are on the following GitHub repo: PACo

I very much appreciate it if you sent me a message how you use PACo. This form can be used for that. Thank you!