PACo is a collection of many canvas components to create functional and good-looking canvas apps in less time. No premium Power Apps license or Dataverse is needed to use PACo.

The PACo canvas components contain several settings – dependent on the component – to adjust them to your own needs. Because it are canvas components, you can even make changes to the PACo canvas components with your existing Power Apps knowledge.

Below, a screenshot from the companion canvas app PACoCo is given.

4 canvas apps are included:

  • PACo-Core
    • The main PACo canvas components.
  • PACo-Extra
    • Additional PACo canvas components which can also be used independently of the core PACo canvas components.
  • PACoCo
    • The companion canvas app to demonstrate how several PACo canvas components can be used together.
  • PACo Examples
    • This canvas app contains a screen for every PACo canvas component or set of related PACo canvas components. This way, you can more easily experiment with the PACo canvas components to better understand them.

The releases and all documentation can be found on the GitHub repo: