PACo is a set of 33 canvas components to create functional and good-looking canvas apps in less time. No premium Power Apps license is needed.

Main features of PACo are:

  • Regular (quarterly) and hotfix releases.
  • Extended documentation.
  • 2 supporting canvas apps: PACo Examples and PACoCo
  • Paid support.
  • Forms to:
    • submit a feature request.
    • report an issue.
  • Proven and very configurable canvas components.
  • Responsiveness.
  • Designed for a multi-language implementation.
    • Multi-language is optional.

Creating quality and meaningful canvas components is one of the goals of PACo.

PACo is added with a Power Platform solution (managed or unmanaged) and consists of the following objects:

  • The component library PACo containing all canvas components.
  • The canvas app PACo Examples which contains a screen for each canvas component or set of related canvas components. This canvas app makes it easy to experiment with the canvas components and so better understand them.
  • The canvas app PACoCo which is a responsive canvas app to demonstrate how several canvas components work together. A screenshot of the home screen is shown above.

Each canvas component has a documentation page which can be found on the PACo GitHub repository:

Links to general documentation can be found on the documentation page: Documentation

The releases and release notes can be found on the PACo GitHub repository:

If PACo is useful to you, I would very much appreciate it if you bought me a coffee ( 👍

And with that, I wish you a lot of fun creating your business solutions with the Microsoft Power Platform and of course also with PACo 👊