Updating a canvas component

Although not mentioned on the page related to Power Apps and deprecated (retired) features:


, the option to import a canvas component via a canvas app will be retired. This can be seen from the Power Apps Studio by going to the section of retired features. The content below will therefore become not relevant anymore at a certain point in time. I advise to use component libraries to distribute canvas components in your organization.

The title of this content page is ambiguous. It can be related to changes to a canvas component (Scenario 1) but also related to updating an existing canvas component in a canvas app with a newer version (Scenario 2). Both scenario’s are described in the content page but most content will be about Scenario 2.

Scenario 1

A canvas component must be updated (changed) in the same location where is was created. This can be either a component library or a canvas app.

Scenario 2

There is no single way for updating a canvas component. It depends on how the canvas component was imported into the canvas app. The following import options are possible:

  1. Using a component library.
  2. Using a component library by selecting “Edit component”.
  3. From a canvas app.

Using a component library

The first step is updating (changing) the canvas component in the component library. Then, when a canvas app maker opens the canvas app in edit mode, a message will be shown that there are component library updates available. This message also shows a button called “Review”. When this button is clicked on, the component library with an update is shown. When the button “Update” is clicked on, all updated (changed) canvas components from that component library are updated. It is not possible to update individual canvas components.

Using a component library by selecting “Edit component”

In this situation, a copy is made of the canvas component from a component library into the canvas app. As mentioned in the video on the content page Component library, there is no link between this copy and the component library. Updates (Changes) must be applied to the copy in the canvas app.

From a canvas app

When the same canvas app is used to import canvas components, a message will be shown that you are about to replace one or more canvas components with components from the canvas app selected. Select “Replace”.


This video demonstrates how to update a canvas component imported from a canvas app (Option #3):


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