Component library

Although not mentioned on the page related to Power Apps and deprecated (retired) features:

, the option to import a canvas component via a canvas app will be retired. This can be seen from the Power Apps Studio by going to the section of retired features. The content below will therefore become not relevant anymore at a certain point in time. I advise to use component libraries to distribute canvas components in your organization.

A component library is as the name implies a library filled with canvas components (though it could contain just a single canvas component).

When a canvas component is imported from a component library, a link is created and not a copy. Because of this link, canvas components can be updated centrally (in their related component library) and these updates can then be installed by canvas app makers individually. There is no option to push canvas component updates to canvas apps.

A component library allows for the import of a single canvas component even though the library contains multiple canvas components. This is different from importing from a canvas app where all canvas components are imported (copied).

Using component libraries is a must for organizations who want to offer canvas components to its canvas apps makers.

Multiple component libraries are possible.

A component library cannot be deleted when at least one of its canvas components is used by a canvas app.


This video demonstrates:

  1. how-to create a component library.
  2. how-to add a canvas component to a component library.
  3. how-to import a canvas component from a component library into a canvas app.
  4. how-to update a canvas component in a component library.
  5. how-to update a canvas component from a component library in a canvas app.


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